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  • In-Office Diagnostic Testing

    Experience the benefits of Nerve Conduction & Ultrasound Testing in your office!
  • Benefits To Patients

    Your patients receive superior quality testing in the comfort of your own office.
  • Benefits To Your Practice

    Expand services offered in your office and increase practice revenues.

What we do?


Whether you are diagnosing and treating radiculopathies, carpal tunnel syndrome, or peripheral neuropathies, our experienced Doctors provide valuable results.

Nerve Conduction

Establish baseline values for severity of injuries and nerve damage in your patients. Our physicians also utilize NCV testing to follow up on patient progress and treatment effectiveness.


Our state of the art Cadwell Ambulatory EEG allows your patients to go about their normal daily life while being monitored for up to 72 hours. Video monitoring is also available.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Our licensed sonographers utilize GE Logiq ultrasound equipment for the highest quality images. Our team of board certified Radiologists provide results within 24 hours.

Extremity Ultrasound

We provide soft tissue and musculoskeletal extremity ultrasounds including shoulder, knee, elbow, ankle, foot, and wrists. Our reports provide detailed insight regarding soft tissue and muscle damage.

Vascular Ultrasound

Our licensed vascular sonographers provide arterial and venous ultrasounds as well as doppler. We use only GE Logiq ultrasound systems for the highest quality images and results.

What makes our services exceptional?

With over 23 years in the diagnostic testing business American Imaging provides service of
the highest quality keeping the best interests of your patients as our number one priority.

Nerve Conduction

Experience the Benefits

  • American Imaging offers diagnostic testing that allows our physicians the tools to clearly determine the exact cause and severity of discomfort, pain, and any nerve damage that may be present.

    By utilizing the latest state of the art equipment our technologists can provide the most valuable results to our referring physicians.

    Our staff of board certified Neurologists, Radiologists, and Cardiologists interpret the data and images from each test we perform to accurately diagnose your patients.
  • American Imaging implements strict quality assurance guidelines with each and every aspect of our business.

    All equipment is tested and calibrated every six months to ensure accurate readings and results.

    Our technologists are also very experienced in patient care and hospitality and always put your patients best interests as top priority.
  • American Imaging strives to provide results and interpretations within a 48 hour period for most procedures. In the event the referring physician needs a stat read or has an emergency situation, our reading doctors can typically provide a report within 12-24 hours.

    The ability to turn results around within this time frame can only be achieved by having everyone on the same page.

    Our technologists upload all data to our servers immediately after the testing day is complete and once the data is processed it is then sent out immediately to our interpreting physicians.



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